Bristol Kendall
Fire Protection District

Bristol Kendall
Fire Protection District

Calling 911

Tips when calling 911

  • Always call from a safe place.
    • Move away from all sources of danger (fire, gas leaks, etc.).
    • Call from a neighbor’s house if your house isn’t safe.
    • If you use a cell phone, give the exact location of the emergency and a phone number that the dispatcher can call you back on.
  • Stay calm
  • Speak clearly and slowly.
  • Answer all of the dispatcher’s questions as best as possible.
  • Listen to the dispatcher’s instructions.
  • Always stay on the line.
    • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.

Teaching children about calling 911

Teach children that calling 911 is only for true emergencies.

  • Prank 911 calls put emergency workers’ lives at risk
  • Prank 911 calls are also against the law.

Teach your children to dial 911.

  • Do not program 911 into speed dial.
  • Help them memorize the number in case they are not able to use the pre-programmed phones.

Help children know pertinent information.

  • Full name, address, and phone number.

Teach children to follow all instructions that the dispatcher gives.

  • Instruct children not to hang up until the dispatcher tells them to incase more information is needed.